☑️ PHASE 1

☑️ Create social media accounts.
☑️ Create the website.
☑️ Generate 888 unique ICE MY CREAM NFTs.
☑️ Create 121 WL Tokens.
☑️ Upload the NFTs onto the Solana blockchain.
➡️ PHASE 2

➡️ Mint 33 NFTs and share them on social media.
➡️ Build a strong and active community on Twitter and Discord.
➡️ PHASE 3

➡️ Promote Public Mint @ 0.88 SOL
➡️ Put 8% of all mint sales towards buying an exclusive location in the Metaverse to have ICE MY CREAM parties.

⚪ List the ICE MY CREAM NFT Collection on all major marketplaces.
⚪ Get verified.

⚪ Add NEW utilities to the ICE MY CREAM NFT Collection, increasing it's value, starting with a merch store.
⚪ Launch a total of 8 x 888 ICE MY CREAM Collections, about 1 every 3 months, with the final 8th collection launching May 2024. Each collection will have a completely different theme, new shapes and colours, and additional and exciting new traits.
⚪ After all 8 collections have been launched, we plan on buying an exclusive location in the Metaverse and taking all future ice cream parties there. Stay tuned.
⚪ The ultimate goal is to bring together a really FUN group of people who think member-only ice cream parties are the future. WOOT!
⚪ Members will always have a say!
Thank you for taking the time to read our roadmap.
Hope to meet you at The Beach.