We have some REALLY cool surprises with rarity in this collection. We will reveal the NFTs with rare traits as members mint because… well there is a story to this actually. It goes something like this… so, because we are newbies to NFTs, not everything went as planned when we generated the art, created whitelist tokens and minted just 33 for us, so this means the BEST NFTs are actually available to you our future members!!! That is HUGE news and we are excited for you. Yes of course we are bummed we have not been able to grab a single one of the BEST most valuable NFTs for ourselves, but we’re taking it as a learning curve and we’re going with the flow on it.

So in this collection of 888, there are only :

8 Superrare 1/1 NFTs
1 Naughty Devil
2 with a Neapolitan Rainbow colour
2 with an Orange Sorbet colour
3 with a Liquid Gold sauce
6 with a Melting Blueberry popsicle colour
8 with Nerd eyeglasses
11 with a Ginger Butterscotch sauce
13 with a Banana topping
14 with Cool sunglasses
14 with a Beach background

Those are the ones to look out for. Good Luck!!!

DEFINITELY tag us with #beachpartyletsgo on Twitter when you mint one of our NFTs and we’ll confirm it’s rarity. We look forward to congratulating you and joining in on your excitement!