The other day on Twitter this guy said that all women in Web3 are actually men. That cracked us up. (Meaning we LOL pretty hard.) Yes we’re an all female team, and no, none of us are men. LOL again. We females grew up and partied together in Cape Town, South Africa where we all live currently. Some of us like to travel so we’re not sure how long we will all be in Cape Town. We’re really enjoying being back together though. Two of us are sisters. We have a variety of hobbies among us which include but are not limited to: dancing, travel, backgammon, poetry, krav maga, snowboarding and NFTs, obviously. One of us has a boyfriend – we’ll keep you guessing for eternity who. Anyway, enough about the stuff that doesn’t really matter. Let’s talk about how these NFTs came to be.

So, Gigi is the mastermind, the founder. She wanted to bring people together in an epic FUN way around something we can all agree we like – ice cream and parties! G (gforceten) has brought this project to life creatively, Gen is managing the community and Danni is handling the marketing. We all bring different strengths to the project and in ways we didn’t expect too, which has been awesome for the project’s progress. We hope our community will work the same way we work together. If so, we’re all going to have SO much fun!

We’re growing this project organically, from the ground up. We have no big players behind us, just a vision. We are extremely excited to be a part of this NFT community. So far our experience has been amazing. Shoutout to Hashlips, Bobby Rabbits and Keystrokes’ video tutorials. We would not be here without them. 

We really just love these 888 unique ice cream themed NFTs we’ve created. They reflect our simple, fun and childlike approach to life, and we believe a good party and good ice cream is food for the soul. We have a feeling you’ll agree.

This is the very beginning of our journey. Welcome. Thank you for joining us. 

G (gforceten)

Our mission is to bring together the coolest bunch of people on the planet and create a FUN community who value having access to the most exclusive ice cream parties! 

We envision insane parties in the Metaverse where everyone comes together in a shared love for ice cream and parties. We’re in this long-term and we know you’ll have just as much fun as us on this journey! Can’t wait for you to join our community. Start now by minting on the LAUNCHPAD

We hope you like to PARTY! ICE MY CREAM NFTs are all about having access to the kind of parties that get talked about. These parties will be exclusive to members only. We’re having them at The Beach, first in our private Telegram group, which will then be moved to a private Discord, and finally moved to an exclusive location in the Metaverse. Become a member and have a say. The more ICE MY CREAM NFTs you own, the more highly regarded your vote. 8% of all mint sales will be invested into buying land in the Metaverse for our exclusive location. Say YES to ICE MY CREAM parties! WOOT!